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Server info - 10.98 RL CUSTOM PREY
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Ip Address Dyonous-ot.ml
Port 7171
Client 10.98
Uptime Ok
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Server 3
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Last Update 2018-07-22 09:58:18
Added 2017-08-17 22:24:42

~ DYONOUS Server with Real Tibia map and customized VIP Island, including new houses, hunting spots, raids and more! ~

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUzvqYrk1PYDxEMs3gGTjSQ
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Dyonous-OTs-1849272915099174/

Server Rates:

* EXPERIENCE: LVL 1-200: x200; LVL 201-300: x10; LVL 301+: x5
* MAGIC: x10
* SKILLS: x45
* LOOT: x3
* SPAWN: x1

Server general information:

* World type - pvp
* Protection level - 40
* Kills to red skull - 10
* Kills to black skull - 40
* Remove ammo - No
* Remove runes - Yes
* Time to decrease frags - 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000
* House rent period - weekly
* AFK kickout minutes - 120
* Location - Brasil
* Owner name - Drakke

Custom changes:

* Custom donation items
* Ability to upgrade your donation gear to tier 2 and tier 3
* Surprise chest with random outfit and mount for new players
* Login and Level Rewards
* Passive Experience
* Prey System
* Anti-bot System
* Custom tasks for all vocations

* VIP Island:
- Available to all players during weekends
- Custom quests and raids
- A lot of amazing, stylish houses
- Undersea area with undersea houses and Depot
- ZOO with a lot of enclosures with various monsters (for low levels; includes ZOO quiz with a lot of bosses and amazing rewards; great place to catch a mount)
- Dragon Lords/Demons Mountain with a boss on it's top
- Huge Grim Reapers/Horrors/green monsters hunting spot (for high levels)
- Sights of Surrender hunting spot (includes Hardcore VIP Quest with amazing rewards; for high levels)
- Fury hunting spot with a rare boss spawn
- Prison with three different hunting floors and a big bad boss at it's end (boss spawns every hour)
- Behemoths/Hellhounds/Dragonlings/Hellflayers hunting spot, called Zoralurk's Volcano with a nasty boss on it's top (boss spawns every hour)
- Deeplings underwater hunting spot, called Kingshill Citadel
- Minotaurs/Dragons/Dragon Lords castle, called Cormwell Fort (for low to medium levels)
- Oakenfield Citadel, with new, custom monsters (great place for making profit; for high levels)
- Undead Dragon's Dungeon with a boss at its' end (for high levels)
- The Green Pits, a dungeon full of Hydras, Serpent Spawns and Medusas (for high levels)

* Arena south-east of Thais, where You can try Yourself against nasty monsters and win amazing rewards (takes place once a day at 10pm CEST)
* Last Man Standing Event, in which anyone can participate once a day
* The Endurance Quest Event, which gives you the possibility to win donation gear
* Random Gauntlet North of Thais with great rewards
* Best Picture Event (takes place on Thursdays, at 7:50pm CET)
* The Lootcrate Raid (spawns randomly around Tibia, every 6 hours)
* Dyonous Casino on the upper level of Thais' Depot
* Parallel Thais, accessible trough Time Machine located in Thais' Temple

And more to come!!!
Welcome to Dyonous OT Server!
This will be available soon!