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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Good
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
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Last Update: January 20, 2018, 4:07 pm

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Server info - Anstice CTF 7.6
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Ip Address
Port 7171
Client 7.6
Uptime Ok
Players Record 4 players online at the same time.
Players Online 0 / 100
Average Players 0 (min) / 0 (max)
Server 0.5.0_CVS
Owner -/-
Last Update 2018-01-20 16:12:02
Added 2017-10-05 19:30:10
Modification of the flag.

Server launched by TubeGames Team.

Capture The Flag under version 7.6.
Server enabled 24 hours 7 days a week.

Updating new maps, spells, runes and professions in days.

A pvp-enforced world with points earned!

ScoreBoard with top 10 Player scores at the end of each round.

The server will accommodate one hundred people.

Available professions:
Dark Wizard, Rogue and Tank.

The round time is 15 minutes.

Two teams:
Drk and White.

Currently 4 maps.

The person who takes the flag has a reduced movement of 20%.

Available monsters:
Demon, Giant Spider, Minotaur Archer, Monsters and Poison Spider.

Basic Commands:

!Exiva and !Changeteam.

Magic for Dark Wizard:
Exura Vita, Exura, Exevo Gran Vis Lux, Exevo Mort Hur, Utamo Vita, Exura Sio, Utani Hur, Utani Slow, Utani Gran Hur, Exevo Gran Mas Pox, Adura Vita.

Magic for Rogue:
Exura Vita, Exura, Utamo Vita, Utani Hur, Utani Slow.

Magic for Tank:
Utani Hur.

PORT: 7171

Enter Game

Account number: 1
Password: 1

You have a problem with the ability to help with the development of the project?

Go on :) kontakt@tubegames.pl

That's what we're gonna beat for this flag? :P
Welcome to Anstice's Capture The Flag.

The map was made by TubeGames.

That's what we're gonna beat for this flag? :P
This will be available soon!