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Ip Address Adventure-ot.com
Port 7171
Client 10.98
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Server 1.3
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Last Update 2018-09-24 04:15:36
Added 2018-01-03 06:45:00
Welcome to the greatest adventure!

AdventureOT isn't like other servers, this land has no classes nor vocations only one type of person: an Adventurer.

All adventurers can learn skills to aid them on their way. Cast your reel into the ocean and catch a giant shark, then bring it to a stove to make a quality healing item. Mine ores and then use the forge to craft your own armory. Fletch your self a mighty bow and some arrows to go with it.

In the wilderness where the strongest monsters and best resources reside players can freely attack each other. However be careful because if you die with a skull you will drop more of your equipment.

Daily server reset at ~9am EST.

Server Features:
- Custom Map, Quests, Monsters, and more!
- 6 Custom skills (with more on the way!)
- Holiday events
- Random loot drops (broken, rare, legendary, etc..)
- No vocations, you play whatever style you want!
- hosted on stable VPS hosting by a professional developer

Visit adventure-ot.com to start your adventure today!
Welcome to the greatest adventure!
This will be available soon!