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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Good
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
There are 6657 players online on 199 servers.
Last Update: January 20, 2018, 3:55 pm

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Current Time: January 20, 2018, 4:00 pm

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Server info - Hydera 1091 NEW OTS
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Ip Address Hydera-global.com
Port 7171
Client 10.91
Uptime Ok
Players Record 22 players online at the same time.
Players Online 1 / 900
Average Players 1 (min) / 3 (max)
Server -/-
Owner -/-
Last Update 2018-01-20 15:59:19
Added 2016-07-23 01:47:20
- Newest Real map 10.9 (with Glooth Bandits, Seacrest Spawn, Lion's Rock) and three aditional new islands (and quests on them)!
- All new 10.9 hunting grounds!
- Retro PVP.
- Real Tibia like monsters & spells (exact formulas).
- All major quests: Rathleton Quest, Oramond Quest, Roshamuul Quest, War Against the Hive, Gnomebase, Black Liquid Quest and of course all major older quests!
- AI Bosses (with all unique attacks) with reward containers!
- Market, offline training, cast system!
- Real tibia raids!
- Most advanced and bug-free open tibia server in the world!
- Anti-kick system. You lose connection to your internet? Thanks to our system you will have a big chance of surviving!
- Stable server! Our other server - Hexana.net wasn't restarted for almost 5 years!

Tibia-like World Changes:
- Horse Station (ability to rent or tame a horse)
- Yasir (oriental trader)
- Swamp Fever (Feverish Citizens in Venore)
- Overhunting (White Deers/Starving Wolves)
- Demon Wars (Shaburak vs Askarak war)
- Horestis Tomb (ability to tame Sandstone Scorpion

Tibia-like mini world changes:
- Roshamuul - Sight of Surrender spawn in Guzzlemaw Valley
- Roshamuul - Sight of Surrender spawn in upper Roshamuul
- Roshamuul - Mawhawk's Lair World Change
- Fury Gates
- Spirit Grounds
- Ab'Dendriel Changing Grounds
Welcome to Hydera Global! After reaching the main island, relog your character to purchase items in the webshop. Char in Rookgaard cant buy items from website. Enjoy Hydera!
This will be available soon!