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Ip Address Empirebr.com
Port 7171
Client 10.77
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Server 1.3
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Added 2017-10-01 00:27:08
Dedicated to the explorer who found this letter,

Empire is an Open Tibia Server that brings back classic Tibia elements that had been lost along the years. Our server contains an unique map and also great and creative systems to make sure you and your friends will have a fun time. We believe in classic and purist Tibia game play based on an economy made and sustained by players, quests, hunting and PVP, that is what we deliver to our players on Empire.

We created a balanced environment that counts with some old school features but using newest versions and graphics. So in the Empire you will find old spells formulas and exhaust systems, most of the monsters and items limited to the 8.x era, runes conjured for double charge but also can be bought from NPCs at a higher cost. At the same time you will still be able to use hotkeys, the market, mounts and perks from the newest clients.

Our custom map will provide a very player friendly experience along with classic quests such as The Annihilator and Pits of Inferno and brand new ones for you to discover.

At the Empire its actually worth it to make your own runes, NPCs also sells them but single charged and at a higher price.
Even though the magic shops in the Empire wont sell strong and great potions you still can loot them from monsters.
You can ask King Sehvua at Aramunhra Magic Tower for a promotion. Thain Munfik have been assigned for that responsibility in Mountains of Durin.
There is no elemental damage discount on monsters but immunity still exists.
Spells and mounts are not restricted to premium members only because we believe this hardly discourages to play without paying.
You can earn Empire Coins in raids, tasks and bosses, which you can trade for premium time!

Check our gallery with pictures of what is expecting you at Empire:

Check our currently playable map:

Experience: 6x (average) [from 8x to 2x]
Magic: 2x
Skills: 4x
Loot: Customized
Version: 10.77
IP: empirebr.com

Find us:
Site: empirebr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/empireats
BR Forum: tibiaking.com/forum/clubs/13-empire-server/

See you at Empire!
Welcome to the Empire Server!
This will be available soon!