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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Good
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
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Server info - Aros.Online
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Ip Address Aros.online
Port 7171
Client 10.98
Uptime Ots
Players Record 23 players online at the same time.
Players Online 0 / 0
Average Players 0 (min) / 0 (max)
Server 1.6
Owner -/-
Last Update 2018-012-11 04:02:59
Added 2017-12-10 05:03:30
Client: 10.98, Find our custom client on our home page.
Welcome to Aros.Online! We welcome you to make this your new favorite server. We work on it daily, and sometimes hourly whenever we get a chance.

We currently have Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer, and Druid. Each one has its regular promotion as well as 2 custom promotions afterwords.

Our map is a huge, a vast one. We offer exploring as well as dungeons. The dungeons are unlocked based on your level and can go all the way up to level 500! Each time you complete a dungeon you get a chance of gaining rewards from items list.

Monster levels increase a monsters damage, health, speed, and attack. So watch out for yourself whenever you are out exploring! The higher the level of the monster the more exp you gain also!

Feeling lucky? Take a ride over to Melor! He can help you reforge a weapon for a hefty price! But it might just be worth it, as you have a chance to land a lucky reforge an gain some very powerful weapons attributes!

~~~(Custom features)~~~
Custom Reforging
Custom Monster levels
Custom Scaling Dungeon System
Custom Attributes
Custom promotions
Custom Telepad
Custom Monsters
Custom Auto gold looting ( Automatic Deposit )
Custom Raids

Online, and offline training
WarZones Working
95% Custom map With some rl map parts
Welcome to Aros
This will be available soon!