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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Good
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
There are 5217 players online on 205 Otservers.
Ots List Last Update: October 19, 2018, 5:34 am

We have 976 OTServ in our Otservlist database.
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feba.mine.nu Feba.mine.nu | Legend Rl Map Ots | Big Wars | Open Battle | PK Shop | Automatic Points for Guilds | Mass Quests | Mass Cities | Mass Raids | Mass Tasks | Chars/Items Auctions System | Equipment for lvl Starts in: already started!
Server info - Starts 24 FEB 18:00
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Ip Address Claviera.net
Port 7171
Client 8.6
Uptime Ok
Players Record 97 players online at the same time.
Players Online 0 / 2000
Average Players 0 (min) / 0 (max)
Server 0.3.6
Owner -/-
Last Update 2018-010-19 05:10:04
Added 2017-12-13 21:26:36
Website : www.Budexot.com
IP : Budexot.com
Client : 8.60
Map : Custom Retro Evolution
Rune Type : Unlimited Infinite runes
Port : 7171

Are you looking for a fun Custom Retro Evolution PVP-e OT who can bring you back into old evolutions, Qumora, Roxor, Ghost-ot and all other awesome memories?

We bring you the most unique and advanced developed retro custom map with over 50+ Custom Quests, 200+ Custom Spawns, 50+ Mission, 50+ Custom Bosses, there are more then 100 rare items which can be found in rare bosses !

We believe that it is time to give you all a different taste in Open Tibia Servers,it is our engagement to ensure that it will remain high quality servers that will remain standing for longer time.

We decided to make a new OT which wont be restarted every-week like other OTS, Balanced PvP is mostly thing we are worked on.
We also offer a lot of different unique Free Points system. For example when you reach default level, You can also kill bosses,do quests, win events and do special stages to receive Free Premium Points...

These Free Points system makes BudexOT more playable without donating since you can obtain every donate item by playing the server, or if you are lucky and win an donate item or similar on mystery gift which is every 3 hours.

We bring you 3 spawn room for level 8-250 with 50+ spawns, with mission for each spawn.
Another spawn room will be unlocked once you reach level 250 with 50+ new spawns, same when you reach 350 level you will be able to enter room with more than 50+ custom spawns..

Custom Bosses are made for every stage on level , example there is bosses for 100 , 200 , 300 , 400+ level...

Every time you win Any event in our OT , you will get reward trophy and 10 Premium Points Emblems, also if you play war events or if you win in guild war your leader will receive 50 premium points and members will receive 25 premium points emblem as reward , Also Premium Point emblems you can buy with in-game money on +2 temple to NPC called Tuki.

Also we have our VIP Island which is custom made, It contains more than 50 custom spawns , and more will be added every week !
VIP is available by purchasing it on our website or in-game Npc's for vip scrolls, On our website you can buy 14 days vip days and in-game you can buy 7 days vip days for 10kk...

This is just a few things that BudexOT has to offer... So what are you waiting for, Invite your friends and join now !

First 10 player which reach 300 level receive 100 Premium Points !

* Hosting Service *

Server is hosting by OVH
UPTIME 99.9%


1-100 | 100x
101-150 | 60x
151-200 | 35x
201-250 | 20x
251-280 | 10x
281-300 | 8x
301-350 | 5x
351-380 | 4x
380-450 | 2x
451-500 | 1.5x
501 + | 1x

Exp from players 2x

Skill rate 35x

Magic rate 17x

Loot rate 5x


Free Points at Level :
50 Free premium points at level 200!
75 Free premium points at level 250!
75 Free premium points at level 300!
75 Free premium points at level 350!
75 Free premium points at level 400!
100 Free premium points at level 450!
150 Free premium points at level 500!
We also give out Free Premium Points on our events..

* Budex-OT Events *

We offer you lots of different events on Budex-OT
Exp event, Fire Storm Event, Last Man Standing,
Capture The Flag,Battle event, Zombie event, Mini-Games and more..

* Budex-OT War Tournaments Cash Prize *

War Touranement will be around January , will cointains 10 teams , every member has to be 300 + level, The winning guild will receive cash as reward for Victory !
Welcome to The Claviera !
This will be available soon!