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Server info - GanjaGaming.eu | RL Map
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Ip Address Ganjagaming.eu
Port 7171
Client 8.6
Uptime Ok
Players Record 5 players online at the same time.
Players Online 0 / 1000
Average Players 0 (min) / 0 (max)
Server 0.4
Owner -/-
Last Update 2018-011-14 18:33:56
Added 2018-07-08 04:05:02
We are pleased to announce start of our BETA server, real map with lots of events and custom quests for the best player experience. We are a small, ambitious team who would love to get the community together and enjoy our favorite games the way we like. For this, we are starting with our real map server, hoping to get positive feedback, however we are aware of lots of work that is ahead of us. We hope You enjoy Your stay here!

Please note that server is currently ongoing BETA tests - we are testing most of the functionalities of our server. Server rates and item stats may be subject to change after BETA ends.

Server Information
Ip: ganjagaming.eu /
Port: 7171
Client: Tibia 8.60
Uptime: 24/7
Hosted in: Germany, dedicated 24/7 server with 250mbps connection
Website: GanjaGaming.eu - Gaming is getting higher!
Registration Page: Latestnews - GanjaGaming RL

Exp rate: Stages
1 - 50 level - 450x
51 - 100 level - 300x
101 - 200 level - 150x
201 - 300 level - 75x
301 - 400 level - 36x
401 - 600 level - 18x
600+ level - 9x

Skills & Magic rates: 20x Skill and 10x Magic.
Loot rate: 2x
Map: Custom real map, new cities and quests
Runes: Normal charges and prices
Server type: Pvp-Rpg. 3 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban.

Our Features

First of all - all of our sms shop items are available to obtain in-game by doing quests and events!
Our server features full 8.6 real map with addition of VIP cities and lots and lots of new areas with quests, exp spots and more!
We know normal real-map servers are boring, that's why we want to keep putting more of our original content into the server! We don't want to be another, boring real-map server with nothing interesting to offer!

We have accommodated lots of events for players who enjoy competitive events with fun rewards!
Some of the events You can find on our server:
- Bomberman ( Can be played at any time if there's at least 4 players! )
- Snowball Event
- Ice Storm
- Fire Storm
- Energy Storm
- Zombie Event
- War of Emperium
- Battlefield
- Team Battlefield
- Capture The Flag
- and more!

We have also implemented some systems for the gameplay to be smoother, more interesting and giving more joy!
Some of our systems include, but are not limited to:
- Guild War system with rewards and reward NPC
- Player Auction system ( buy/sell characters )
- Item Auction System
- Automatic Raid system
- VIP System with VIP Cities and exclusive quests!

We have also implemented new items to accommodate higher level players to smooth out their grind time.

We really enjoy making new maps and quests for You to explore, so don't be fooled by the first impression!

Welcome to GanjaGaming.eu RL Map! Enjoy Your stay here!
This will be available soon!