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Server IP dinera.net
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Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
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Server info - Real Tibia 8.6
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Ip Address Crutum.com
Port 7171
Client 8.6
Uptime Ots
Players Record 55 players online at the same time.
Players Online 1 / 1000
Average Players 1 (min) / 1 (max)
Server 3
Owner -/-
Last Update 2018-012-17 09:17:07
Added 2018-08-12 11:52:44
Old Tibia - Do you remember how exhausting it was to get out of Rookgard? This adrenaline during the fight against Minotaur Guard. When every move and decision made had an important impact in the development of your character.
These fast heartbeats during PvP..
Killing the first dragon which was amazingly satisfying.
Why should we just remember it when we can live like that?

Crutum - The brand was created for the complete reproduction of real tibia on the most popular version.
Our team undertakes a task that no one previously dared to do. It is a big challenge, creating an accurate reproduction of Tibia requires a lot of time and experience.
However, we like challenges and we believe in this project.
CipSoft made many mistakes that we will not repeat.
Welcome to The OTXServer Global!
This will be available soon!