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Server IP dinera.net
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Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
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Server info - EU LONGTERM RL 12
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Ip Address: Seriousot.com
Port: 7171
Client: 12.10
Uptime: Ok
Players Record: 38 players online at the same time.
Players Online: 0 / 2000
Average Players: 0 (min) / 1 (max)
Server: 1
Owner: -/-
Last Update: 2021-01-26 16:37:20
Added: 2019-05-07 17:12:27
The Tibia experience at Seriousot
Let yourself be surprised by the new content thats has been and is being created for a serious Tibia experience that Cipsoft Tibians miss out on. Visit the trainers and have a laugh while your mana is getting restored. Level up to get access to existing and new quest created for SeriousOt by the Seriousman himself! Form your alliance and take a stand against the ruling order or the monsters Tibia is terrorised by. Join now and explore a whole new Tibia!

The serious Tibia touch with unique content with a gamemaster
that takes his game, job and players very serious

- Bestiary and Quickloot!
- All addons and all mounts
- Reduced cost of addons
- Best items in shop
- All V12 updates
- Prey system
- Reduced tasks
- Stackable rings
- Imbuing / Summons
- Freebies
- Free traveling
- Casino
- Free blessings
- Reduced costos imbuements
- Prey system working
- Daily Reward
- Shop integrated in game
- Automated boost exp every weekend! (Saturday and Sunday)
- Fast Mana/Hp Regenaration

Quick progression
Have access to all content due to finished questlines
Get your favorite addon with less creature products than usual!
Get your Paw and Fur Rank and kill its bosses quicker due to reduced tasks.

Custom client on downloads!


Have fun!
Welcome to SeriousOT!
This will be available soon!