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Server info - TITANIA-GLOBAL 7.72
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Added 2019-07-04 15:20:59

EXP STAGES: Starts 100x to 3x level 120+
MAGIC: 25x
LOOT: 5x
CONJURED RUNES: 5x (You do not need blank runes)


*Boats: The boats dont have protection zone, so you can travel with pz-lock.

*Rashid: You can find the npc RASHID at the edron temple, there you can sell and buy items.

*Share Experience: You can share experience when party with your friends with the command !share.

*Travel: You can use all boats for free.

*Buy Runes: !hmm, !uh, !sd, !gfb and !explo.

*Fast PvP: You become stronger faster.

*Monsters on Rook: Amazon, Valkyries, Scarabs, Cyclops, Dwarfs, Minotaurs and Demon Skeleton and Demon.

*Smooth starts: New characters starts with the necessary kit to advance faster.

*Task: The tasks starts automatically as you level up.

*Custom Respawns: At present we have 3 more citys with hardcores respawns to be explored at level 100. A teleport can be found at all game boats.

*Spells system: The spells system is by level.

*Attack Speed: The attack speed is 1,5 sec per hit for all vocations.

*Regeneration: 25 manaticks without promotion and 50 manaticks with promotion for all vocations.

*Temple rune: This rune can teleport you to your current temple. It cant be used on fighting and can be conjured by all vocations (ADURA VITA HUR).

*Mana rune: This rune add mana points when used, it can can be conjured by all vocations with promotion (ADURA MAS VITA).

*Trainers: There is a lot of trining monks to help you upgrade your skills. You can access them by temple teleports.

*Poison Storm: This spell have the same power than a Ultimate Explosion.

CREATE ACCOUNT: http://titania-global.servegame.com/createcharacter.php

DOWNLOAD CLIENT: http://titania-global.servegame.com/downloads.php

This will be available soon!