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Server info - Elements RPG
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Added 2019-08-26 04:04:56
Site: https://elementsrpg.servegame.com/

Abertura Oficial Hoje 26.08.2018

Baseada nos 4 elementos na natureza, com a possibilidade de promoes a partir de certas faanhas:

- Ar - Baseada na destreza e velocidade, harmonia os definem.
- gua - Sobrevivncia, consistncia e adaptao.
- Terra - Equilbrio entre defesa e ataque.
- Fogo - Acreditam que a melhor ttica a fora de ataque supremo.

Todas vocaes possuem habilidades de controle de grupo, e AOE.

~ Rates

Rates por stages, porem baixas e adaptveis com decorrer do game, criaturas customizadas inclusive a experincia.


Official Opening Today 26.08.2018

Based on the 4 elements in nature, with a possibility of promotions from certain exploits:

- Air - Based on dexterity and speed, harmony defines them.
- Water - Survival, consistency and adaptation.
- Earth - Balance between defense and attack.
- Fire - They believe the best tactical force is supreme.

Vocations occupy group control, and AOE.

Fees ~

Pricing by stages, however low and adaptable throughout the game, custom creatures including experience.
Welcome to The Elements RPG!
This will be available soon!