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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Ok
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
There are 10633 players online on 217 Otservers.
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Server info - PokeLobo
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Ip Address: Pokelobo.ddns.net
Port: 7171
Client: 8.54
Uptime: Ok
Players Record: 8 players online at the same time.
Players Online: 3 / 100
Average Players: 0 (min) / 7 (max)
Server: 0.3.6
Owner: -/-
Last Update: 2020-07-13 04:50:53
Added: 2020-06-12 07:50:50
Page: http://pokelobo.ddns.net/

-1st Gen Complete
-2nd Gen Complete
-Lot of new Pokemons of others gen
-Charms (Shiny, Mega, Boss)
-Icon System
-Brotherhood Quest!
-Hunts balanceadas (Y seguiremos balanceando)
-Daily tasks (kill y catch)
-Pokemon Addons
-Partcile Auras
-Nuevos Efectos.
-Mapa amplio (Hoenn incluido)
-Outland (Normal y Hoenn)
-Nuevas balls (fast, heavy, magu, etc..)
-Bosses aparecen random (Como los shiny)
-Held System
-Kecleon System
-Ditto And Shiny Ditto System (memory)
-Mega Stone system
-Muchas nuevas quest
Alolan adicionados!
This will be available soon!