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Server info - Zorgania
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Ip Address Zorgania.com
Port 7171
Client 10.92
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Server 3
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Last Update 2018-012-11 03:25:57
Added 2016-05-25 12:11:06
Zorgania - Free mmorpg Open World, is a free multiplayer online game (MMORPG). Private Tibia server (Otserv, Otlist) with a large open a seamless world, with new professions (about 15+), spells, monsters! PVP system, financial system, pixel art.

The world http://zorgania.com/ you will plunge into the incredible fantasy story will be fighting each other, let the financial system to establish trade routes to the vast territory.

Epic monsters surround you in this incredible Zorgania world. We remind you that this is a private Zorganiya Tibia game server OTserver details you can find on the internet on sites Otlist, Otserv, XTibia, TibiaKing etc.

The combination of spells will allow you to quickly cope with hordes of infidels! A pumping skills, great to own any weapon, but remember that not every profession can wear this or that weapon. Read more about professions - http://zorgania.com/?subtopic=vocation

Each profession is unique in its own way, each has its pros and cons, at the moment our attention, we presented 17 professions, such as: #Warrior, #Paladin, #Dark Knight, #Berserker, #Rogue, #Assassin, #Hunter, # Armbruster, #Wizard, #Elementalist, #BattleMage, #Priest_of_Death, #Warlock, #Necromanser, #Hermit, #Bard, #Druid, #Sorcerer, #Knight

Mages less gain lives by the obtained level, the soldiers more, but that does not make mages weaker as they easily give you fight back with the help of powerful magic (read more about magic - http://zorgania.com/?subtopic=spells), or any other magic, and we recall that past spells, there are also magical runes - (http://zorgania.com/?subtopic=Runes). Archers are fast and resourceful, get right on target with arrows, which by the way can be poisoned. So be vigilant and always carry a couple of bottles and mana hellpointov that in the event of an attack on you, you have time to run to the leaking area.
Welcome to The Zorgania
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