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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Ok
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
There are 9267 players online on 204 Otservers.
Ots List Last Update: September 27, 2022, 12:14 am

We have 943 OTServ in our Otservlist database.
Ots List Current Time: September 27, 2022, 12:19 am

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Server info - Nto War
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Ip Address: On.ntowar.top
Port: 7171
Client: 8.6
Uptime: Ok
Players Record: 242 players online at the same time.
Players Online: 126 / 999
Average Players: 0 (min) / 140 (max)
Server: 2
Owner: -/-
Last Update: 2022-09-27 00:17:27
Added: 2022-05-08 04:07:46

Sejam bem vindos ao NTO WAR!
This will be available soon!
Server description
[] NTO WAR[]
Website: https://www.ntowar.top/
More than 60 characters from different animes
Server on host br with anti-DDos
24/7 online server
Reset system with exp bonus every reset
Pet system
Attribute system with points distribution
Attribute bonus system by vocation
There is no vip set, all sets can be obtained in-game
Guild shop system with !guildpoints (For dominant guild only)
Miniboss system
Graduation System
Various quests
Daily Quests
Mining system
Nations system
Castle war with exp bonus
Cast system with exp bonus
Free fire event
Pacman event
Safezone event
Faction system
Auction system
Trade points on the website to sell items and farm premium points
System for buying and selling characters on the website
And much more!