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Server info - Custom High-EXP
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Ip Address: Login.otmadness.com
Port: 7171
Client: n/a
Total Uptime (%): 99.85%
Now Uptime for (hours): 7h 54m
Players Record: 361 players online at the same time.
Players Online: 14 / 0
Average Players: 13 (min) / 20 (max)
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Last Update: 2024-07-25 02:50:37
Added: 2023-12-12 13:49:20

Welcome to OTMadness Server! Write the command !help for more information about the game!
This will be available soon!
Server description
OTMadness First Season:

After a long testing period, we're excited to announce the official launch date for OTMadness:

[Friday, September 22nd, 19:00 CEST] [9/22/2023, 07:00 PM CEST]


OTMadness is an ancient high-EXP server, lovingly revived for nostalgia's sake. While we've worked to modernize and balance it to meet today's server standards, we remain rooted in the OTMadness style and nostalgia. Our server offers high-EXP rates along with numerous equipment sets and challenging bosses, providing space for continuous content and feature updates. Our most significant change so far is the client update, which is just one of many improvements we've implemented. You will be amazed by the extensive effort we've invested in restoring the ancient style to the latest client. And rest assured, there are many more improvements and changes planned for the future.


OTMadness is similar to other servers of its kind. Progression involves gathering equipment sets and defeating bosses. The server has four primary vocations, each with five promotions, and an additional five custom vocations that act like a reset, starting players at level 8. Monsters have levels and skulls, which make them stronger, provide more experience, and increase loot rewards. Items can reach level 14, offering various attributes to unlock and balance the challenge of facing monsters. Additionally, each vocation has up to six custom spells. It's worth noting that Gangsters have low health and mana but a fast attack speed, while Sissies have high health but a slow attack speed.

Account registration is now available. Create your account at:


Discord Server:


Website Link:


OTMadness General Information:

* Release Date: [Friday, September 22nd, 19:00 CEST] [9/22/2023, 07:00 PM]
* IP: OTMadness.com
* Client: Custom
* Host Location: Canada
* Map: Custom Evolution (teleports)
* Server Type: High-EXP, Teleports
* World Type: PvP (no need to worry about unintentional skulls while hunting in secure mode!) (Applies to all sources of your damage.)
* Multi-Client: 1 character online per account
* Uptime: 99.9% uptime
* Timeline: Long-Term
* 90% custom monsters
* 100% custom items
* Unique monster system with levels and skulls

OTMadness Rates:

* Experience: Custom (High-EXP)
* Skill Rate: 1
* Magic Rate: Custom
* Loot Rate: Custom

OTMadness Basic Information:

* Protection level: 1
* Frags to Red Skull: 10 daily; 1 frag removed every 3 hours.
* Frags to Black Skull: 15 daily; 1 frag removed every 3 hours.

OTMadness Features, Systems, and Screenshots:

* Monster Levels
* Monster Skulls
* Equipment Bosses
* Daily (Timed) Bosses
* Monster Tasks
* Raids, Event monsters, chances to summon monsters, and much more!
* Item Upgrading System
* Item-Tier Transform
* Weapons Gems Rarity
* Waypoints System
* Cosmetics Bonuses
* Custom Spells
* VIP System
* Boss Reward Chest
* Cast System
* Many Events
* Custom Story-Based Quests
* Mini Quests
* Custom Vocations
* Many Promotions
...and much more!