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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Ok
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
There are 5354 players online on 139 Otservers.
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Server info - LK - spd x2.5 xp x3
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Ip Address: Lostkingdom.sytes.net
Port: 7171
Client: 8.6
Total Uptime (%): 98.30%
Now Uptime for (hours): 14h 45m
Players Record: 23 players online at the same time.
Players Online: 9 / 0
Average Players: 0 (min) / 17 (max)
Server: 1.3
Owner: -/-
Last Update: 2024-07-25 02:12:07
Added: 2024-07-01 17:03:56

Discover the abandoned world of Tibia from 27 years ago, where overgrown ruins and deserted cities await brave adventurers. With a love for the 8.6 client, we've created a server that brings back the challenge and satisfaction of past adventures, but in a
This will be available soon!
Server description
Czym Jest "Lost Kingdom"?
"Lost Kingdom" to serwer Tibii 8.6 stworzony z mysla o graczach majacych ograniczony czas na gre. Nasz system exp stages dzieli poziomy na segmenty 20-poziomowe (20-40, 41-60, itd.), gdzie mnoznik doswiadczenia wzrasta od x1 na poczatku do x5 na koncu, co usrednia si? do x3. Caly serwer dziala z predkoscia x2.5, co sprawia, ze gra jest bardziej dynamiczna, choc predkosc ataku pozostaje bez zmian. Oprawa opuszczonego krlestwa dodaje klimatu, a uzywanie botw jest dozwolone, co uprzyjemnia gre. Zapraszamy do nostalgicznej przygody w "Lost Kingdom"!

What is "Lost Kingdom"?
"Lost Kingdom" is a Tibia 8.6 server designed for players with limited time to play. Our exp stages system divides levels into 20-level segments (20-40, 41-60, etc.), where the experience multiplier increases from x1 at the beginning to x5 at the end, averaging to x3. The entire server operates at a speed of x2.5, making the gameplay more dynamic, although the attack speed remains unchanged. The abandoned kingdom setting adds atmosphere, and the use of bots is allowed, making the game more enjoyable. We invite you to a nostalgic adventure in "Lost Kingdom"!