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Server name Dinera.net Real Map
Server IP dinera.net
Uptime Ok
Port 7171
Players 1000 / 1000
There are 12952 players online on 224 Otservers.
Ots List Last Update: January 22, 2020, 5:24 pm

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Server info - RPG World Custom Map
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Ip Address Pbotwars.com.br
Port 7171
Client 8.6
Uptime Ok
Players Record 963 players online at the same time.
Players Online 169 / 1000
Average Players 132 (min) / 196 (max)
Server 8.0
Owner -/-
Last Update 2020-01-22 17:28:42
Added 2017-04-05 04:10:37
== Informaes de conexo ===
Verso: 8.60
IP: pbotwars.com.br
Porta: 7171
Exp: 50x (estagiadas, veja os stages em Server Info)

== EVENTOS ===
Evento Battle Field
Evento Oriental Wars
Evento Zombie
Evento SnowBall WAR
Evento Blood Castle
Evento Monster Hunter
Evento Logado Premiado
Evento Boss
Evento Capture Bandeira
Evento Rush War
Evento The Infected
Evento Defend The King
Evento Time Bomb
Evento Bomber Man

== Server Infos ===
Exp Custon
Houses limpando automaticamente se o jogador no logar apos 20 dias.
Caso o player fica 7 dias sem logar qualquer outro jogador pode chegar na porta da house dizendo o comando !eject, ento a house ficar sem dono e em seguida o player poder compra-la utilizando comando !buyhouse os itens do ex morador vo para dp.
Cast System
War sytem
Raids automticas
Exp Rit.
Fist aumentando velocidade de ataque.
Monster Outfits
Caves secrets
Addons por task.
Treiners rons.
Recompensa por level.
Venda de Personagem no site.
Recompensa level 150.
+ 73828 monster respawns.
Casino System
Hunted System
Runas e potions no infinitos.
Sistemas de bp de potions e runas por alavanca.

== 12 Cidades ===
Egeu, Styge, Nissea, Artemisias, Horpus, Kypros, Valentia, colosu, submundo, navisko, atlantis, forgottenland.

== +120 Quests ===
Crystal Arrow
4 Elements of Death
7 Mares
Soft Boots 7 Mares
Helmet Of Sparta
Desert Black Knight
The dragon scale helmet
Treasure of the Ocean
Ferumbras of Tower
Spirit Cloak
Asgard thaian sword
Blood Death
Crown Armor
Ghazbaran for Demon
Desert Quest
Demon Helmet
Dragon Scale Legs
Emerald of Ice
The jester hat
Relic Sword of Hero
FireWalker Boots
The Flame
The Inquisition
obsidian truncheon
titan axe Refined
Dwarven Armor
amazon armor Refined
Robe of the Ice Queen
dark lord's cape
Golden boots
Zaoan Robe
Nucleo Medio
Pharaoh Sword
The Pits of Inferno
Magic plate armor Secret
The Ridorana Cataract
The Supreme Inquisition
Teleport To Hell
Asgard Key
The Deep Mines
Vampire Shield
Blue Legs
The Black Knight Quest Egeu
The terra boots Refinada
The Rinf of ML
The Hellforged axe
Coroa of chuck
The horned helmet
The Blessed Shield
Inicial Quest
Enlightenment Quest
winged helmet
Tower of Minishabaal
shield of honour
Elemental Fire
hallowed axe
The Demon Oak
The Dragon Shield
Orshabaal Trap
Souls Freak
The calamity Espada Divina
Santuary of Exodia
The Magic Crocodile Boots
12 casas de zodiaco
The Bloody Edge
The Poison Place
Tower of Dragon
dragon scale mail
the dreaded cleaver
the Angel Estatue
The Labyrinth
spellbook of dark mysteries ml +3
koshei's ancient amulet
Atlantis City
Oceano of Ghazbaran
Magic long sword
Mansion of Lores
The tower of forgotten land
medal of honour of forgotten land
The poison cave the Havoc Blade
The Lost Hammer
The Eagle
The Exterminator
The mechanical fish
The necromantic
The boat sunk
The underworld
The melee room
earthborn titan armor
colossus armor
The Supreme Quest
amazon shield
demonwing axe
hammer of Thor
The General Lee
The Hydra egg
The Hydra egg + 1kk
Labirinto fantasma Navisko
The Frost Land Navisko
The Egypty amulet (NEW!)
The Egypty clover amulet (NEW!)

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