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Server info - Asgard-OT Best HighEXP
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Ip Address: Asgard-ot.com
Port: 7171
Client: n/a
Uptime: Ok
Players Record: 95 players online at the same time.
Players Online: 0 / 1000
Average Players: 0 (min) / 23 (max)
Server: 1.3
Owner: -/-
Last Update: 2021-01-18 10:07:36
Added: 2018-07-29 14:37:29
Asgard-OT started on 29/7/2018 and its back online now! Enjoy our game-play and create your account now!

High-EXP server with Active staffs, daily events hosted by staff members or automatically starts which awards players with premium points on site.

95% customized Map
25+ Customized spells and items that makes you stronger
Guild dungeons & Castle Of Emprium (COE will be explained).
World bosses and Team hunts
Upgrading weapons & sets
Set bonus system
Crafting and Mining system
Shrines system, Arena system and anti-bot system
Story based quests & 8+ Events
Critical System & MP, HP leech system
Experiences and guidelines never ends in this game, tons of quests and PVP that add up your tibia experience as every vocation have a role.

Form a guild and battle against the team bosses and hunt together as a team for achieving items that enhances you equipment. Battle all out and madness grinding to farm for items for crafting equipment that strengthens your character. Bond together with guild members and clear the objective to hand the monsters in guild dungeons, attack or protect castle of Emprium (C.O.E), the one and only event for guilds to participate and to obtain the castle ; receiving rewards for guild members.

Do join us for the experience of Asgard-OT which will bring you tons of fun and achieving goals together with friends don't forget to bring alone your friend when you join the server!

Further explanation for category which you will be interested on:

Castle of Emprium (C.O.E)
The players who are in the guild owning the castle must defend it till the end of the event and other guilds members must attack the castle crystal to win the event and own the castle!

Crafting System
farm items from monsters to obtain the required quantity to craft items to be stronger.

Upgrading system
items now can be upgraded to be stronger and better for your adventure ahead.

Tasks System
After finishing specific task and take your reward, you are allowed to use the Forgotten Knight's chest 1 time, your reward depends on your luck, and it also gives task points which can be exchanged with exclusive items and increases your task ranking

Mining System
you can mine gems to upgrade and to enhance your equipment to be stronger and better.

Sets bonus system
Having trouble in advancing and adventure? No worries, some sets when you wear it gives you chance to attack/defend at any battle.

Shrines system
Shrines are close to buffs, you can buy any shrine of those when they are available in the blessing hall

Power Shrine: Increases any attack by 5% for 10 minutes.

Protection Shrine: Decreases any attack you receive by 5% for 10 minutes.

Recovery Shrine: Recovers your HP & MP by 7% each second for 10 minutes.

Wisdom Shrine: Increases your EXP rate by 25% for 60 minutes.

Cursed Chests
They are found around cities on using it waves of monsters starts if you are strong enough to kill those monsters the chest will open to take your loot. (Chests have different levels).

Important Notes:
This server best equipment are 100% earn-able in-game, donating will let things go much easier!
Donations made before reset are rechargeable (Send message at any time to Admin Carcoo).

Having troubles or issues with server, feel free to submit ticket from site or talking with any staff member, we are here to help you in your growth and adventure in Asgard-OT.

Join us for more and keep in your mind it will never be late to join us, See you around and have fun in Asgard-OT!
Welcome to AsgardOT V3!
This will be available soon!