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Server IP dinera.net
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Port 7171
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Server info - Wodbo Dragon Ball OTS
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Ip Address Wodboheroes.pl
Port 7171
Client 8.54
Uptime Ok
Players Record 207 players online at the same time.
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Last Update 2020-02-29 00:40:57
Added 2019-04-30 00:59:56
Pacc Free

* Reborn system!
* Sagas from normal DB to DBSuper universe! 146 Sagas in total.
* Balanced vocations!
* New Spells
* Party Buffs/party heals Stuns and other unique spells to make PVP even better
* Automatic Raid Events/Team Fight Events Daily and more !
* A lot of items (reworked)!
* A lot of reworked techniques!
* Daily reward system/daily Task system
* Alot updates, friendly support
* Not Pay 2 Win, you can obtain all items in shop hunting bosses/mvp doing sagas and quests ;)
* Unique Equipment and weapon Upgrade System
* Big Casino at small city with alot playing slots.
*Max Reborn Level : 450
* God Transforms after Reborn at 450/700lvl
* God Fusions for Goku and Vegeta at 500/750lvl
*Unique Boss/Mvp System With Great loot :)
*Every Vocation is Playable diffrent way you can be DPS/Tank or Support for your Team
* Over 60 New Hunting Places, Over 45 MVP's Bosses and 20 New challanging Quests also complicated ones !
* Rare/Epic/Legendary Drop Chance with Improved Item stats its worth grinding, New Shenrons Collect all Balls/dolls from MVP/Bosses/Sagas to Summon New Shenrons and become stronger than others
* And much much More join us now to discover all new features :)
Welcome to the World of Dragon Ball Online Heroes!
Enjoy on wodboheroes.pl!
This will be available soon!